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Yes, small models. Wheelbase 130mm. We made the small frame into the “X” structure. Focus point concentration, Flexible turning. With 1306 motor and 3 inch propeller, and then a 4S battery, will achieve a perfect flight experience, We try to find a small, 130mm is a very good wheelbase, so as not to choose any one of the motor turbulence disturbance. More importantly, we can be tied to the top of the battery positions, but also can be tied down at the bottom of the machine, the player can choose a variety of. Of course, our team recommends that you travel through the space in a small space, it will be a rare choice.


Weight:37g(include Aluminum parts)
Main board:2.5mm
Top board:1.5mm


Flight Controller:F3 /Naze32/ CC3D
Motors: 1104/1306/1806
Battery: 3S 700mAh ~ 4S 650mAh


  1. 3K high strength carbon board to ensure that the framework is strong
  2. Very good design of the lens adjustment, the maximum adjustable 45 degrees
  3. Wheelbase 130mm, can be on the 3 inch propeller
  4. Frame into a X shape, turn flexible
  5. The frame of wind resistance is very small, small windward area
  6. The structure is strong, beautiful and light weight (37g, including all fixed parts).
  7. Battery positions can be set at the top, can also be bundled under the machine, the player can choose a variety of
  8. With a PDB, with a BEC (5/12v output, max. 3A, 2A)
  9. Custom 25mm high strength non slip aluminum column

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